About us

Founded in 1990 by designer Amira el Kattan, Pharaonix of Egypt is considered the largest design/production company for oriental fashions in Egypt.
Over the last two decades Pharaonix has presented an extensive, top-of-the-line collection with a portfolio of several thousand styles, and  new creations are constantly arriving at its yearly fashion show in Cairo.

About our designer:

Our designer Amira is a versatile designer whose commitment to creativity and quality is paralleled only by her passion for fashion creation. Her very personal touch of elegance puts her in a class all of her own.
Her background and education, as well as fluency in five languages and business acumen account for a relaxed understanding and communication with a multi-national, die hard fan club! Amira’s knowledge of dance in general and classical ballet in particular makes her feeling for “Rhythms” and “Motions” constantly present in her work, from inspiration to creation.
Amira’s designs focus strongly on:
- Tailoring with emphasis on silhouette.
- Drawing of decorative elements with constant innovations and artistic layout.
- Creating new beading stitches with interesting shapes and textures.
- And last but not least the unique harmony in color blending is one of Amira’s strong holds.

Our products:

In addition to her "Glamour" line, Amira announces the creation of her dazzling new “Ready-to-wear” collection, which she calls “Élégance”.
Amira has gone the extra mile with the creation of a third line, “Mix & Match”, a stylish, challenging collection offering something different for every taste, but always with a feel of luxury, a feel of style, a feel of Pharaonix: Experience the Glamour.

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