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Artistic Expression One
The name of this costume actually refers to the way it has been beaded, in this particular ‘Free Hand” style without boundaries nor pattern as guideline...
A playful costume styled in lycra, hip hugging yet flowing at the hem, displays a very attractive layout of flowers scattered along a wavy gold line...
Chic Chiffon
The multiple points of a multi layer chiffon skirt increases its flowiness, lightness and its richness, the color merging adds interest to that airy skirt. 2 elaboratley worked panels front back give ..
Fresh & Innocent yet Rich & Sassy, this costume is like a vision in organza in the rainbow colors ( Also available in Crepe Georgette ) ..
Sweet Heart
Feminine, Elegant, Contemporary. Dazzle your audience with this costume which is a soft feminine costume in Lycra designed with curving lines, richly decorated without opulence, with attractive cut ou..
Wild Beauty
This costume focuses on the versality of the detachable strapping over chest and hip in different color. The mixture of the fabric which is on wild print and jewelery...
Over The Rainbow one
Try on this pleasurable endless  Chiffon experience , topped with a Lycra hip hugger and rich beading .... the flowers attachment to the  skirt enhances the flow of the chiffon around you as..
Over The Rainbow Two
Many  attractive  features make this costume stand out : the fabrics used , choice print chiffon with a plain color matching chiffon for under skirt ... skirt is mounted on elastic band allo..
Over The Rainbow Three
Try on this this  very soft new look where the flower power of  the sequinned  print chiffon skirt combined with the delicate two tone under skirt and fly aways contrast delicately with..
Over The Rainbow Four
This is fashion passion at its best ...A very impressive bra and belt set , coupled  with  long fully beaded cuffs , with one of a kind beading look with hand picked supplies  ! .... Th..
Over The Rainbow Five
A very artistically beaded bra and  belt set with and exquisite animal print chiffon and matching solid chffon , using,  like in the full range of this selection , the Dina style cup .... th..
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