Elite 1

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A Gem Stone treasure in the Middle East known for its  healing abilitties and sensuous magnetic energy. It is believed to have mystical powers and brings good luck! One could not find a better na..
Arabian Flora
Delicate floral decorations amidst a regal layout of lines and arabesque items placed diagonally which creates a visual continuity from every angle. This costume displays a Variety of new features suc..
Assiute Queen
Very rich costume in assiut fabric styled for todays beat, highlighted with turquoise and lapis lazuli decoration, coins and some hieroglyphic symbols in rhinestones. Indulge!!..
Coins Nostalgia
Back to the GOLDEN TIMES of entertainment in Egypt when Candelabrum, Zills and Flirtatious Tarbush were popular props...
As unusual as the eclipse itself, this all chiffon style will change your previous feeling for chiffon when you wear this unique cosmic luxury...
Eskandarani Delight
A flirtatious Alexandrian Melaya dress with all its accessories. The shoulder piece with ruffles attaches to the back of the dress and the head veil is mounted on a hard headband for an easy wear. A p..
This is the real feeling you get when you try this costume on. A real novelty in the world of costuming, almost all in rhinestones and glass beads and of course some drapé for that couture touc..
Harem Two
A harem girl was a Sultans favorite just as this costume is a Dancers favorite! Intricate, luxurious and sensuous...
Try this sensuous and feminine feeling of luxury defying the very power of BABYLON and enjoy the impressive details of beadwork on this costume  The pride of Ishtar goddess of love. As demanding ..
Ishtar Contempo
The Ishtar costume enjoys a very large fan club and the contemporary new look of this costume has received rave reviews...
Playful Beauty
A designers pleasure and a dancers joy. This new style has it all. The pictures speak for themselves!..
This fresh new Saidi style will dazzle your audience. The fabric has been carefully matched to the holographic coins and dangles. The one shoulder-off body stocking allows two different looks as the b..
Nothing is more important in a costume than the silhouette it creates... Add to this a lot of luxury and elegance and hear them whisper...
Spiral Inspiration
When you have had everything else, indulge in this new creation. It is an experience in itself...
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