Elite 2

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All That Sparkle
This set has a very artistic layout and is very richly beaded with lots of crystals. It has allready become a dancer's favorite...
A new style, perfectly tailored to enhance the feminine curves and create an incomparable allure, displaying a very intricate pattern richly beaded and pailletted with very attractive cut outs. Crysta..
A TREASURE TO KEEP FOREVER! This is literally the impression one gets when looking at this costume with its multi colors and shapes of rhinestones creatively mounted on delicately beaded straps placed..
Fleur de Lis
Try on this regal attire with its hip hugging cut and two layers/two tone chiffon flair for a royal spinning experience.From East to West, from ancient times to our modern days, the Fleur de lis (lily..
A ravishing new look inspired in our already wide variety of styles using the RING as a focal point. The very uniquely jeweled loops on the bra an belt are among the many details that made this costum..
Saidienne Four
The Saidienne series has become very popular and dancers around the world have patiently waited for the series to be completed and here it is. Saidienne Four like its counterpart one, two and three is..
Femelle Two
A reborn style from an earlier Pharaonix collection has been recreated; using wild print stretch fabric with color accents offers an excellent contemporary look with the retro style of the bustier bra..
This inviting look of smooth Chiffon skirt fully pailletted with a shiny flower print chiffon flyaway and veil are coupled with this elegant Bra and belt set framed with rhinestone mesh and delicately..
Goddess Maat
True spirit of Ma’at, light as a feather , a pleasure to wear , a very special  combination of luxury and elegance ! … Now also available in print chiffon fantasy, combined with soli..
Taqseem TWO
A Unique combination of form hugging and gentle flair with a very attractive linear design and large rhinestone appliqués at upper hip level, keeping in place three horizontal thin straps inspi..
Enjoy this new style inspired in middle eastern royal fashions and designed to enhance your curves… This linear look and lavish decoration is the essence of oriental luxury. They will all be ta..
Heart To heart
A romantic contempo style exquisitely embroidered with rhinestones and pearls. The creative straps for the bra and detachable waist straps allow the creation of different looks for this costume. A ful..
Helmy Costume
A Dream of a costume…hence it's meaning in Arabic "My Dream". This is a Pharaonix all time classic since its creation in 2005 and previous variations. The Helmy Costume has and st..
Mermaid Three
A new way, a new thought, a new feeling will make you love this luxurious  fashionista’s  approach  to Belly  Dancing costumes  !!..
Ice Queen
A delicate Mesh costume very richly embroidered and very flattering to the body with a mermaid silhouette from the front and a flaring lower skirt from the back ! Lots of crystals and danglies ! A rea..
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