Glamour 1

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Artistic Expression Two
This lovely bra and belt set so lavishly embroidered is coupled with our romantic all chiffon ample skirt with sequined arabesque design. A real delight!..
Bannoora Two
Contemporary all chiffon costume with color accent both in the fabric as well as the beading detail. This costume is a real audience pleaser and is presented in two different versions to suit all tast..
Diagonal Ecstasy
This is an all black, Sheer stretch skirt with a diagonally placed mini skirt in Lycra of an opposite color which has already caused sensation on stage. The added attraction of the thin body strapping..
Flowers Delight Two
Strass and silver beadwork on a very elaborate and attractive layout, with the accent on large floral cutouts, make this costume simply irresistible!..
Flowers Delight Three
This style is an excellent combination of lycra and chiffon for a figure-hugging and flaring effect with lots of cut-outs arranged in a large floral design, very rich and sensuous with lots of details..
Fluid Flow
A dazzling new style with a very rich yet light looking design that will enhance your every move. A deep V offcenter in the back commands the vertical layout of the design, nicely positioned in an elo..
A tailored masterpiece with one side huggy and the other flairing, one side decorated with diagonal lines and the other floral. Lots of opposition in this costume which has already become a favourite...
The name means Jewels. The multiple hem level coupled with its matching drawing, the lavishly diamonded and decorated bra & belt set have earned this costume its name...
Great Loops Original with Pleated Skirt
This set has always been a crowd pleaser and a dancer’s choice! Coupled with a romantic Pleated skirt or the all chiffon Sohair Zaki skirt which never stops being the queen on stage!..
Great loops Two with Arabesque Soheir Zaki Skirt
To add more to this already lush set , several color combinations were created to give more texture to the loops , the same color combinations are reflected in the fully sequined arabesque designs of ..
Icicles Set & Soheir Zaki Arabesque Skirt
An extremely rich set with a very attractive "V" shaped dip in the front with icicles like fringe and lots of well layed out crystals, accompanied by a Soheir Zaki Chiffon skirt...
Oriental Magic
This costume has a rich arabesque design and attractive loops/danglies with hand picked stones to match the colors. It is sure to please all audiences, while you enjoy the feel of contrasting colours ..
The nature of the fabric used is soft + sheer and the richly decorated bra & belt as well as the head piece, together with the new style straps, all display the true spirit of oriental luxury, offset ..
Ottoman Princess
 This costume is presented with the very  rich bra / belt set named  “ ALL THAT SPARKLE “  here, with  a multi “V” points chiffon skirt and cape . Anot..
A fashionista’s first choice focusing on refined couture details enjoying that fine chiffon drape  back ground of both bra and belt  coupled with a very special tailoring of the chiffo..
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