Glamour 3

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Andalusian Dream Classic
In keeping with the spirit of this collection, lines, circles and dainty floral patterns are smoothly combined to create this very attractive style..
Andalusian Dream Contempo
With thin hip straps and no ruffles, this second version of the style is perfect for contemporary music. Detachable chiffon placed at the top of the slit is just one of its many surprises!..
A slit all the way up, hip hugging and flaring with floral pattern lines arranged in an unusual layout create this very attractive look...
Make a royal appearance on stage with this all diamond set edged in glass beads with crystal looped fringe and scalloped edges. The set is complimented by a Lycra skirt in a mermaid shape with endless..
Egyptian Princess
This costume is made of sheer stretch fabric, richly worked in arabesque design with lots of strass on the bra and lots of crystal danglies. Asymmetric and feminine, rich and elegant for the glamorous..
A two-tone costume perfectly tailored and richly beaded, combining the 2 colors of your choice. A very feminine and flirtatious look...
Jasmin Bouquet
Magic Rings
A pleasant and rich new way to use the rings as a decorative item ! This all chiffon costume has received an excellent audience reaction during our fashion shows !..
Moorish Princess
A must have , could be worn with or without the long under pants with pleated Chiffon lower half to match a pleated chiffon sleeves...
Paisley Catsuit
Princess Liza
A great classic with separate bra belt set and using the all Lycra mermaid silhouette in the front of the skirt and the flaring ample lower skirt in the back for those beautiful spins ! a real regal l..
Princess Liza Two
The fusion of fabrics and colors as well as the two colors braids and beading details have made this costume a dancer's choice...
Salome Two
A two tone combination allowing mixing Lycra and mesh fabric and creating a lovely connectivity between the bra and the soft belt of this costume while enhancing the silhouette. A real pleasure to wea..
Salome Three
This costume is both feminine and luxurious with a perfect combination of body hugger and ample flaring skirt. A must have...
Samia Gamal Original
No matter where you will be dancing, and to which audience, this costume will surely be a crowd pleaser!..
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