Pharaonix of Egypt

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All That Sparkle
This set has a very artistic layout and is very richly beaded with lots of crystals. It has allready..
A Gem Stone treasure in the Middle East known for its  healing abilitties and sensuous magnetic..
Andalusian Dream Classic
In keeping with the spirit of this collection, lines, circles and dainty floral patterns are smoothl..
A new style, perfectly tailored to enhance the feminine curves and create an incomparable allure, di..
Arabesque Dream
Creat all Lycra costume , hip hugging and enjoying a very lush arabesque pattern with large and very..
Artistic Expression One
The name of this costume actually refers to the way it has been beaded, in this particular ‘Fr..
Artistic Expression Two
This lovely bra and belt set so lavishly embroidered is coupled with our romantic all chiffon ample ..
Assiut Dress
This Trumpet style skirt in the “forever loved” animal print Lycra in different colors i..
Double Trouble
A very unique creation with obvious passion for stage fashion , presenting a chiffon draped base for..
Exotic Luxury
The name given to this costume says it all ! From Elegance to Exuberance, from Hugging to super Flai..
Fiesta Time
This adorable combination of Lycra for hip hugging and chiffon flirtatious flair of the skirt is top..
Flirty Hankies
Another rich yet flirty full chiffon skirt with hankies fly away richly sequined and combined with a..
Goddess Three
In keeping with the previous Goddess costumes, this  superb new creation , a real Goddess attir..
Goddess Two
A regal attire fit for a queen with extremely attractive detail work , both on the bra as well as th..
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